It happened

This guy dressed as a Mos-sad was walking by a street holding a briefcase, then suddenly a fellow Mos-sad walking towards him took his briefcase away in a taxi cab within a breath of the guy.

Because of the nature of the content of the case, the guy had plated a tracker on it, so he reported the thief to the police with the aid of the tracker they traced the thief to his hideout.

The guy started shouting, “where is teh 20 million USD in the briefcase”, there was no such thing of course in the case.

The thief was dumb founded to find in the case a chopped off wrist of both hands of a human being and the two eye balls of the victim laid on ice in the case.

The thief upon his arrest by the policemen who were equally in a state of shock charged him with the murder of the victim as wells as the theft of the 20 million USD of the guy who escaped the policemen by blackmailing the thief.


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