I am a prince of high repute!

A gentleman was invited by the Queen of England to dine with her family and friends at the famous Bukingham palace.

He walked through his journey from the chaufeur driven mercedes accorded
to him through the gates of Bukingham palace to the dining table and at
every turn of request of his credencials by the special assistance to
the Queen, he went on saying “I AM A PRINCE OF HIGHT REPUTE, I ANSWERS
TO NO QUESTIONS” which was also reported o the Queen on his arrival.

Unfortunately for him he came too early and sat on the seat of the
queen’s husband, everyone was shocked and left him on the seat.

The Queen’s husband had to seat out of his seat through out the dinner
sipping his soup watching the guy giggling and charting with his wife
as if they were from the old.

What a s*cker!


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