God with Cain.

I was fed with the pride of my past achievements, unaware I was to be proud of it, yet I did had no pride in me, none that I had that reflected any hope in me or the environment around me but despair and hopelessness.

I followed my pride as I led by the powers that be or pursued after the powers that be with pride and I was blackmailed for brushing shoulders with whom or what I wasn’t supposed to.

Ashamed of the burden of the blackmail on my egos, I alienated myself to the point of seclusion yet the powers that be held me back on my journey to my doom, the self alienation of my will as against that of the powers that be.

My satisfactory faith in Christ Jesus of Nazareth was lost at that instant at the hands of these powers that be who introduced me to this Christ, Lucifer.

My initiation rights into this cult of Christ Lucifer was a touchering experience called hell which become the bed rock upon which I build my faith in Christ Lucifer.

I had no peace in, on or around satanism, since every source of joy of my heart most desire was cursed with the mark of death on it, including my own body and parts.

This mark of death on me like a curse with no cure, AIDS, stigmatised me to hate my fellow human beings to the point of death, i.e. I became an assassin.

When my eyes were finally opened by Christ Lucifer to the views of hell and its states of affairs and attributes, it was too late for me to turn back on my retrogression, I was locked up for ever in hell and only death on me here on this earth do me part this bondages and shackles on me with Christ Lucifer’s wealth of shame and guilt.


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